Website Design
amanda teague website and graphic services

A website provides an important way for people to find out about your business and subsequently make more detailed enquiries. The use of key search words means that your website will come to the notice of more customers, even though they do not initially know the company’s name.


It is important that the website is simple and inviting. A website is an important avenue to broadening access to your market.


A website needs to be based on several software packages to ensure that all potential clients/customers have access to your information, no matter what the type of computer they have.


As a website and graphic designer, I work directly with you, or your nominated representative, to ensure that the website fulfils your marketing and information requirements.


In addition to discussing the best website layout options for your business, there is the opportunity to incorporate moving features into your website. While this increases the potential to attract the attention of potential customers, such a “Flash” program does require the customers to have this program on their computers. Moving features and other options, such as regular changes to the website banner, would be discussed with you at the initial website planning stage in order to maximize the benefits to your business.


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