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  Website Design Process
amanda teague website and graphic services

In order to ensure that your website fulfils your marketing requirements and is within budget, the website design process I provide is based on friendly and informal discussions at each of the each steps, which include:

  • preliminary discussion on your current and proposed marketing strategy, your client audience and the website options available to suit your requirements
  • preparation of the draft text and graphic components, which are subject to your approval
  • preparation of a presentation layout, which is also subject to your approval
  • identification of key words for the “search engine” so that people can discover your website via a variety of paths
  • uploading the website onto the net
  • undertaking operational checks in all software options

While the step by step process and hourly rate are agreed on at the beginning of your website program, I do not have large overheads and hence can provide a personal service within your budgetary requirements